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Sexual Abuse/Assault Attorney

sexual assault attorney

Sexual abuse is the most painful and horrifying injury to which a person may fall victim.  Victims of sexual abuse often find it equally, if not more, difficult to report the abuse and ask for help.

At the Wites Law Firm, we can help you with the support and justice you unfortunately deserve.

Marc Wites of the Wites Law Firm is an experienced sexual abuse attorney.  He has represented both children and adults who have fallen victim tosexual assault in schools, churches, and the workplace. Marc has proven his dedication to victims of sexual assault and abuse, and ability to help them. Recently, Marc obtained a $3.6 million dollar record breaking settlement for four young women who were sexually assaulted their third-grade teacher.  Marc Wites took the case all the way to The Florida Supreme Court in order to obtain for his clients the best possible result.

Marc Wites has also represented young children who have been abused in church settings.  While all sexual abuse and assault is unspeakable, the fact that children may fall victim to sexual assault at school and at a church or temple – the places where parents would expect without question their children to be safe – presents unique factual and legal issues with which Marc has experience and proven success.

In addition to children, Marc has also represented adults who have been sexually assaulted in the workplace.  Sometimes these cases include claims for both sexual assault and battery as well as employment decimation claims, such as for hostile work environment and retaliatory discharge.  Marc and The Wites Law Firm have experience in both areas.

While Marc has established himself as a successful lawyer who battles hard for his clients, he is also well known for the compassion and empathy he extends to his clients and their families.  Hiring a lawyer for a sexual assault case is a very important decision, as the victim and their family must feel comfortable entrusting Marc and the Wites Law Firm with the most personal experiences, both of the assault and abuse itself, to the way it has impacted their lives.    

Marc offers free and confidential consultations for all victims of sexual assault and abuse.  The Wites Law Firm handles such cases on a contingency fee, so you don’t have to pay any attorney’s fees to The Wites Law unless they obtain a recovery for you.  Call or email now for a free consolation.