When you or a loved one has suffered the most horrific and unspeakable of harms, you need a lawyer that is experienced, dedicated, aggressive & compassionate.

Marc Wites and the Wites Law Firm Team possess all of these critical qualities necessary to fight for you, and support you, through the very difficult process of obtaining the justice you unfortunately deserve.

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We are ready, willing and able to go to battle for you, whether against a school, employer, church or temple. No defendant is too big, and no battle too long, when it comes to obtaining justice for victims of sexual assault and molestation. Wites Law Firm has represented injured people and their families since 2001.

Our consultation is FREE. If we accept your case, we will prosecute your case on a pure contingency-fee basis, which means that you will not be obligated to pay us any attorney’s fees or reimburse us for the costs incurred in your case unless we obtain money for you.

We understand the courage and bravery required for a victim of sexual assault to come forward and seek justice. We will put forward an equal amount of dedication and commitment to fight for you.

We will protect your dignity and privacy, while at the same time fighting aggressively in court to obtain justice for you. This may include monetary damages for your pain and suffering, and for medical expenses such as the mental health counseling you need to heal.

While some sexual assault cases are resolved confidentially, others require lengthy and difficult court battles. We have the experience to do both.

By way of example, we fought a school board on behalf of several young girls sexually assaulted by their elementary school teacher. We fought the school board for many years. We took dozens of depositions, filed motions to obtain documents and information from the school board, and fought appeals all the way to The Florida Supreme Court.

In the end, we obtained a record breaking multi-million dollar settlement for our clients, who had reached adulthood by the time the case was over.

If your sexual assault case cannot be settled for a fair and reasonable amount you need a law firm that is experienced in court and jury trials. At the Wites Law Firm, we don’t just settle cases. We fight as long as it takes to obtain the right result for our clients.

If the defendant won’t treat you fairly, we will go to court, and we will take your case to trial. If the defendant appeals, we will fight for you in the appeals courts, too. We will be at your side and fight for you and with you to obtain the justice you deserve.

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Sexual Assault Victim consultations are confidential and private. Our attorneys are ready to discuss a wide range of topics over the phone or in our office.

Therefore, we invite you to contact someone in our office for a one-on-one consultation with Marc Wites.

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You can still bring a civil lawsuit for money damages. It is not necessary to report a crime to the police in order to bring a civil lawsuit for money damages.

If the plaintiff is a minor child, they will be identified in the lawsuit as “Janie Doe” or “Johnny Doe” to protect their identity. If the plaintiff is an adult, the adult plaintiff will most likely have to use their full and real name in all court proceedings.

Maybe. In civil lawsuits, each party, including both the plaintiff and the defendant, has a right to attend each party’s deposition, the mediation, and the trial. However, in cases involving minors, courts will often enter orders that provide that the defendant cannot attend the minor child’s deposition, and other protections may be afforded by the court to protect the child and their family.

Yes . You will have to testify. If you hire our law firm, we will do everything reasonably possible to prepare you for your testimony, and we will be sitting by your side during your testimony.