Final Approval in Class Action Settlement Providing 100% of Damages to Class Members

8 years Ago, MarcWites

In 2010, Wites Law Firm obtained final approval two class actions on behalf of borrowers in mortgage refinance transactions that were overcharged for title insurance premiums.  The cases include Nolan v. Integrated Real Estate Processing, which was litigated in The United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, and Greenstein v. Nations Title Agency of  Florida, which was litigation, in Palm Beach County Circuit Court. The settlements allow class members who timely submit valid claims to receive 100% of the alleged overcharge. The law firm obtained final approval in a similar cases in 2009, including Rhodes v. Resource Title and Jackson v. Milestone Title. In all settlements, the title insurance agents also agreed to change their practices going forward so that their future customers pay the correct title insurance rates.


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