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How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Insurance Claims Attorney?

October 6, 2017 - MarcWites

Hiring an attorney for your homeowner insurance claim is free.  That’s right, free.  Florida law provides that when an insurance company settles a claim in litigation with a homeowner, or the homeowner wins the case at trial, the insurance company must pay the homeowner’s attorney’s fees and costs. 

So, when you hire an attorney for your homeowner insurance claim, you need not pay the lawyer any money for attorney’s fees or costs.  The lawyer will be paid by your insurance company if you win a settlement or judgment at trial.  And, if you lose, Wites Law Firm will not charge you any attorney’s fees or costs.

The same is true for commercial property claims as well.  So, if your commercial property is damaged by rain, wind, hail, a flood, storm, or other cause, you too can hire a lawyer and you do not have to pay your lawyer any attorney’s fees or costs.

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Your insurance company has an army of lawyers and experts on their side from the very moment you make a claim.  Insurance companies have lawyers that work directly for and are employed by the insurance company, and they hire lawyers at outside law firms. 

Plus, the insurance company employs adjusters, engineers and other experts to evaluate claims.  Remember, the less the insurance company pays on your claim, the more money the insurance company makes.  If the insurance company can find a way to deny your claim completely, they will do so. 

You should not go alone to battle with your insurance company. You should have a team of lawyers and experts on your side too. Hire a lawyer, and even the playing field.  Given that your insurance company has to pay your lawyer if your lawsuit is resolved during the court proceeding, there is no reason to let the insurance company have an advantage over you and your family.

If your case is not ready for the filing of a lawsuit, you can still hire a lawsuit without paying any money to the lawyer at the start of the case. For example, when you first discover that your home or business suffered damage from water, wind, fire or any other peril, you can hire a lawyer right away to help you notify your insurance company and attempt to resolve your claim without filing a lawsuit. 

In such cases, Wites Law Firm charges a small percentage of your recovery for attorney’s fees, plus costs, but you only have to pay the attorney’s fees and costs if Wites Law Firm obtains a recovery for you.  And, if your case becomes a lawsuit, you will not have to pay Wites Law Firm a percentage of your recovery. 

The reason is that once the lawsuit is filed, your insurance company is obligated to pay your legal fees and costs if you settle the case in litigation or win the case at trial.

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