Marc Wites Presents Lecture To UF Law Students On How To How To Identify, Interview For, And Succeed At Your First Legal Job

4 years Ago, MarcWites

Marc Wites Career Speech U of F close upMarc Wites returned to Gainesville recently to give a lecture to first-year law students at The University of Florida College of Law (his law school) entitled “How to Identify, Interview for, and Succeed at Your First Job”. He discussed topics such as proof reading resumes for spelling and formatting errors, researching the person conducting the interview, sending hand-written thank you notes, arriving at work before the partners and staying until after they leave, treating the non-lawyer support staff with respect, not using or posting on social media during the work day and, of course, working hard.

A link to the video of his presentation is below; it will be helpful to students and recent graduates in all fields of study and work.
Do you encounter these issues in your company? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Click Here To Watch Video

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