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Hurricane Irma Quick Tip: If You Had Water Damage In Your Home

September 18, 2017 - MarcWites

Hurricane Irma Quick Tip:
When your insurance company asks you what happened in your house or commercial property, don’t use the word “flood” to describe how the damage occurred.  Why?  Most homeowner and commercial property insurance policies exclude coverage for damage caused by flooding.  While the policies coverage damage caused by water, they often do not cover damage caused by flood water.
So, for example, if a pipe breaks in your house causing water to cover the floor and damage your property, it is not a flood, and you should not call it one.  How you describe the cause of your damages could have a big impact on whether your insurance company covers or tries to deny your claim.  You should just describe the damage, and allow the insurance company to inspect and reach their own conclusions. 
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