Without the help of Marc Wites (my attorney), I believe I would no longer be alive. Marc did not have to represent me, but I think he realized what had happened to me when I was eleven years old was more than a crime; it was horrific. He believed me, not everyone that I told about what had happened did believe me, (my parents, really did not entirely believe me, or they did not want to believe). Marc gathered the evidence so thoroughly. Marc realized that when I had to confront what had happened, one could become suicidal, and Marc took great care, to insure, that I would be better off if the truth was revealed, then to hide from it for the rest of my life. Marc freed me from a self-inflicted prison, I was lost, set adrift, and he let me control the fate of where my law case was going to go. I think Marc is fantastic, he went right for the jugular vein, he knew exactly what to do, and again, I think he is a great person and attorney. I thank Marc for helping me, as I know the outcome of my case would not have been the same without him.

Robert M.

Our family has known Marc Wites for almost 10 years, and we have come to know him in a professional and personal capacity during this time. Marc was instrumental in winning significant awards in regard to a car accident case and a personal injury case for us. Marc’s experience and expertise goes beyond those areas. I benefited immensely from his advice recently in resolving another thorny issue. Marc quickly grasped what needed to be done and resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Marc for his integrity, knowledge, and experience. Marc is a professional attorney you can trust.

Joe F.

Marc Wites was referred to me after our home was destroyed in a fire. My only regret was that I waited 4 months to contact Marc thinking that the insurance company would take care of our claim in a timely manor! In a situation like this you need a Professional who is the expert in representing the consumer! Marc Wites and his staff handled the entire process to our complete satisfaction! I highly recommend them!


We hired Marc Wites Law Firm to help us through an insurance claim. There was so much paperwork, phone calls etc involved that we needed Help through it. Marc Wites and his staff were knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They were always on task and available. If I called him on any given day, he personally returned my call, and answered my questions or concerns with patience and insight. He and his staff were dedicated to getting the absolute best outcome for us. Throughout the process, we felt there were next to us , every step of the way. Sincerely, Terry Reilly