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It is important for you to do extensive research when hiring a personal injury firm to ensure that you hire a well-respected law firm with good lawyers that have the experience and resources to fight for you and your family.  There are many things you should consider when deciding which personal injury law firm should represent you. Experience, past results, reputation, the size and age of the firm, and the sincerity and devotion of their non-lawyer support staff are all important factors you should consider. At Wites Law Firm, we strongly believe that we have the perfect combination of all of these factors, which allows us to be the best fit for injured people and families in South Florida.

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney is to find a firm that is willing to file lawsuits and fight for you in court. Some firms only settle cases without filing lawsuits, and if they can’t settle they send the case to other attorneys to litigate the case. This does not happen at Wites Law Firm. We are known for our willingness and ability to take cases to trial and, when necessary, through the appeals process.

Don’t get stuck with a “settlement firm.” If you walk into negotiations with a lawyer from one of these firms, the insurance company knows, and will automatically lower the amount of your settlement offer. Wites Law Firm is not a settlement firm.

We are known for taking cases to court when necessary, and to trial and appeals to obtain the best result for our clients. One of our partners, Marc A. Wites, even wrote the definitive book on litigating in Florida http://www.floridalitigationguide.com. We, of course, will counsel you to settle your case prior to or during litigation when it is in your best interest. But since our opponents know we are always ready, willing and able to go to court, we are in a much better position to negotiate the best outcome for your case.

The Perfect Fit

A major consideration when selecting a South Florida Personal Injury Attorney is the size of the law firm and the best fit for you.

Too Big.

We all know who these firms are. They are all over the TV and radio, with their annoying jingles and crass commercials that can’t seem to end fast enough! These are the mega-firms, with multi-million dollar advertising budgets, where you may have very little interaction with the lawyer handling your case.

Too Small.

Then there are the very small firms. Some are great. But many are lawyers who are fresh out of law school, or engage in every practice area, trying to be everything to everybody.

Just Right.

Wites Law Firm is just the right fit.  Our law firm was established in 2001, and our lawyers have been practicing law in South Florida for more than 20 years. We have won thousands of personal injury and wrongful death cases, many of them totaling multimillions of dollars. We have directed and been involved with class actions that have resulted in enormous recoveries, and changed the way companies do business that served to protect and benefit consumers and shareholders for years to come. But we have yet to develop our first annoying jingle. Instead, we have invested our money building a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot law center where we can meet with our clients and spend our time planning and executing the strategies that will bring successful outcomes to their cases. When you hire Wites Law Firm for your personal injury case, you will be working directly with Marc Wites throughout the entire process.

We have also invested our money in making strategic top-level hires of both attorneys and paralegals from diverse legal and ethnic backgrounds. We have deliberately built this diversity into our organizational structure because we feel it allows us to represent more complex cases, since it allows us to see cases from many different perspectives. We also are able to handle a wider variety of cases due to our organizational diversity, and our diversity contributes to better case outcomes. Having attorneys and staff in-house that can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and French allows us to take on cases where there are multi-lingual parties involved.

We couldn’t have grown to the success we are today without the support of the community, so Wites Law Firm likes to “pay it forward” by sharing their success with the community. Through class action settlements, as well as donations made directly by the firm, Wites Law Firm has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations such as The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association and Camp Boggy Creek, and many other organizations.

Wites Law Firm is a personal injury law firm with a difference. We not only have the experience in personal injury law that you would expect, but we also have an uncommon dedication to our clients and a commitment to our community that is rare in today’s world of diminished values. Here at Wites Law Firm, you can count on us to exhaust all possible efforts to obtain the best possible result for your case.


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